Professional Work



Projects I have done for various clients, ranging from my career, internship, and freelance work.


Virtual Brands Kingdom (VBK)

In my most recent employment, I was the in-house graphic designer for a fast fashion apparel brand, VBK (Virtual Brands Kingdom). My work ranged from creating motion graphics for social media content and Google Adwords, print collateral for storefronts, signage in retail, as well as, developing the infrastructure for product inventory through e-commerce. 


LQ Ventures

For this company, I was brought on as an in-house graphic designer for an e-commerce clothing and drop shipping  company with three distinct brands. Working closely with the marketing department I helped develop promotional material,  social media content, tech specs for garments, and create the site layout.  

EDM Vision

The primary company. EDM Vision, is based on apparel dedicated to the music festival and rave experience. Products ranged from sublimated hoodies and joggers to face masks and hydration backpacks. Content created for this company primarily targets a younger demographic. 

Fit Alliance

Fit Alliance is the brand created that combines the look of streetwear with the comfort of fitness apparel. This line was more custom garments, with many of the outfits being made in conjunction with the in-house fashion designer. Dedicated to the craft of making these outfits, I also helped develop tech packs for distributors to create the garments that included fabric, measurements, and seam allowances. 

Luger Tactical

Luger Tactical is a patriotic clothing line that marketed content towards proud Americans. For this company, I developed the site layout, created mockups for products, and designed social media content to help garner attention to new products.


A Free Bird Organization

As the Key Graphic Design Intern for A Free Bird Organization, I took into account the non-profit's mission of healing children with cancer through art therapy. During the Summer of 2015, I collaborated with the company to help develop the company's brand especially in the form of creating print material, digital marketing for social media, as well as, website design strategies.


CMJ (College Music Journal) Festival

The College Music Journal (CMJ) held its final festival in Fall 2015. For this project I was brought on to document the event that took place in various venues across Brooklyn and Manhattan primarily. The festival featured both industry panels as well as, a series of musical performances that ranged from the intimate settings of an East Village design studio, to the historic Webster Hall. I captured the event both through recaps as well as, sending live updates of photos to my editor.


Dean Russo Art

In Summer 2014, I worked for Brooklyn based fine artist Dean Russo in his Sunset Park studio. With his pop art approach, I helped develop promotional material for the company through ephemera. As well as, helping develop some of the products for the company, photographing products, and processing images for print.