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Social Eyes


Social Eyes is an app for users to find events in their area based on their interests. As well as, allow event planning professionals to promote events to a specific target audience. For the promotion of the app we developed a social media campaign primarily utilizing Snapchat and a Photo Booth to be implemented at curated events.

The App

The Social Eyes app was developed for both socially active event-goers and event promoters to advertise specific events. Promoters are verified within the app, while the regular user can download the app for free. Searching for specific events is made easier through the search function. Users can personalize their feed of events and adjust the parameters of price range, average user age range, and travel distance as well as, selecting the type of events they would like to attend. Verified event planners can also use those parameters to help advertise to a specific target demographic. Facebook integration allows for user information to be populated from their profile page, especially to help determine interests.

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Snapchat Geofilters

In creating a social media campaign, Social Eyes primarily focused on using Snapchat’s geofilter and stories feature to promote major events on the app. Users on the Snapchat app can post videos and photos to their story or the story of the event they are attending based on their geographic location. With the addition of geofilters, this adds a design flair specific to the event while providing a branding opportunity for the app.



User interaction in event planning has become the major focus of the ecosystem of event attendance. With this in mind, Social Eyes developed a photo/GIF booth to be developed in collaboration with event planners. Each booth is specifically catered to the promoter’s needs, whether the event goer walks away with a physical photo/digital copy or a looping GIF.

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